JavaMelody: Easy to use and powerful monitoring tool for Java EE applications

While writing one of my search web application, I asked one of my friend for a free, lightweight,  open-source tool for monitoring my application. What all I needed was average response times or page load times, error trends, and testing my optimization efforts.

As per his suggestion I tried JavaMelody, which perfectly fits into all my above requirements.

Goal of JavaMelody is to monitor Java or Java EE application servers. It provides a variety of charts and statistics like

  • number of HTTP requests
  • mean execution times
  • percentage of errors of HTTP requets
  • java memory details
  • CPU load
  • number of user sessions

and much more.

Take a look at the project page for more details.

However, in this post I will mention the steps required to set it up for web application.

Steps to setup JavaMelody on Apache Tomcat:

1. Download JavaMelody from  Downloads page. Version available on their website while writing this post is 1.44, and the file to download is “javamelody-1.44.0.jar”.

2. Download “jrobin-1.5.9.jar”

3. Place these two files in your web application’s WEB-INF\lib folder.

4. Add following tags into WEB-INF\web.xml file:


5. Restart tomcat service.

6. Open web browser and type in following URL: http://serverip:port/webappcontext/monitoring

[Update ‘serverip’, ‘port’ and ‘webappcontext’ with your server and application specific detail]

And here you go ! JavaMelody shows server snapshot in awesome graphs and other useful statistics.


Here are some of the screenshots:

JavaMelody: Server Statistics Charts

JavaMelody: Server Statistics Charts

JavaMelody: Server Statistics

JavaMelody: Server Statistics


  1. JavaMelody User Guide
  2. Downloads Page

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2 comments on “JavaMelody: Easy to use and powerful monitoring tool for Java EE applications
  1. abyaktatech says:

    Does this Monitoring put any Performance impact on Java EE application.

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